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Purchasing Your Golden Doodle Puppy

Our puppies are F1 Golden Doodles

The purchase price for Standard Size is $1500.00

(Note: there is currently a summer discount of $400.00 off )

Once the Standards are fully trained the price will go up

Moyen (Medium-sized) Red puppies are $1900.00

To reserve a puppy requires a $300.00 non-refundable deposit

This deposit will hold your puppy until you can pick it up in it's eighth week and is applied to the purchase price.

Deliveries in the State of Texas might be available

Pricing for deliveries will be negotiated based on distance and travel time

We do not ship puppies at this time

We prefer that you pick up your Goldendoodle. When a family makes it an adventure to

pick up the pup it begins the bonding process with the family.

We do not furnish crates or carriers for your pickup

Payment Methods

Cash is the preferred method of payment.  Deposits can be paid by the methods listed below.

The balance is due upon picking up your pup

We offer the ability to pay by several credit cards and payment services:

Apple Pay Cash does not require a handling fee  if you have an iPhone or iPad. Zelle is now available also.

Click here to learn how to set up Apple Pay Cash

Credit cards and PayPal require a 4% handling fee with the payment

We can take credit card payments over the phone as well as swiping the card if you are present with us.

Other Issues and Information

Boarding your Puppy

If we board your puppy longer than one week after his/her eighth week of age and ater receiving your deposit)

we may charge a boarding fee of $10.00 per day. This will be negotiated by mutual agreement.

Contact us for questions or negotiations at the email or phone number below

Transporting Your Puppy Home

We  do not supply crates, carriers, collars or leashes for your trip home.

Collars with leashes are essential if you need to walk your puppy on the way home. 


We recommend you buy a crate for your puppy because the

puppies love to sleep in their crate and it will help them transition to your home. With 

a crate you can put the puppy in a safe place when you need to leave them at home for a period

of time. Crates are wonderful and dogs feel very safe inside a crate. They are available at pet supply

stores almost everywhere.

This is an example of a dog crate. This one happens to be available at Amazon, but they are readily available almost everywhere.

Currently we use Victor Dog Food for our dogs


Please plan on buying some of the same dog food your puppy is eating now. Even if you want to change his food you should mix the familiar food with the new food in increasing amounts of new food over time to prevent the puppy from getting tummy upset. The dog food bag tells how to do the change over.

We can provide you with an amount of dog food at our cost. Let us know if you have purchased some prior to picking up your puppy.

We use the three types of food listed on the page linked above interchangeably. They are excellent rations and have great reviews.