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November 3rd Puppies

There is now only 1 available

Get on a list now to reserve Mary from the 

Christmas Puppy Litter





A $300.00 deposit will save a beautiful puppy for you.

The price is $1100.00 plus Texas Sales Tax of 6.25%

Take advantage of the Valentine's Day Sale


All the puppies are adopted or reserved


Ten F1b babies were born from our  F1 doodle, Angelina, and a miniature mail Poodle named Boone. They were ready to go home Christmas week. There are none left.

You may want to see the photos and videos that we have already posted on this site to see what our Doodles are like. These may be a bit smaller and most will have curly and non-shedding fur.

Go to the gallery at the bottom of this page to see some new pics. They are getting really cute and fun now.

We have some of the cutest and sweetest Goldendoodle puppies ever! They come from a mini  poodle name Boone and a Moyen size Goldendoodle named  Angelina.


These pups have red colors and some with golden-colored hues mixed into their coats. They are absolutely adorable. They all enjoy being held and want to give lots of love

By the way, Moyen means "medium size". Some of these babies will most likely be classified as "miniature" because if they weigh under 36 lbs as adults they will be classified as "Miniature"

Their daddy, Boone,  is a Red and White Mini poodle that only weighs about 25 lbs. All his puppies will be much smaller than a standard Goldendoodle. We know that they can be Mini-Goldendoodles or at least small medium, called Moyen.


They also are  a pleasing  color ranging from a very dark red to an apricot with red and brown overtones.

Boone-edited (Small)_edited.jpg

They are very active and sweet. They seem to almost want to see us more than their mother.   We are supplementing  the mother's nursing and training them to eat the very nutritious  food we chose after lots of research into the best food available.

There is a page for each puppy to show photos and tell their story. Click the photo or the name of the puppy you want to know about and come back soon to see their stories unfold in the next few days.

It is so special to have Miniature Goldendoodles with the red gene that we have agreed with the breeder that owns Boone that we will offer these puppies for a higher price than the standard puppies we have offered in the past.

Even though most breeders charge at least $2500.00 for Miniature puppies and even more for puppies with the red gene, during this Post-Christmas sale we asked $1500.00 for the puppies. We are now asking $1100.00 for the Valentine's Day Sale (plus Texas sales tax) and we require a $300.00 non-refundable deposit to hold the puppy in reserve. This deposit will be deducted from the full price of the puppy.

We are adding new photos now. The Gallery below shows puppies at different weeks of age. 

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