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Click on the links below to see documents and web pages to help you as you raise your Goldendoodles

Links to Products We Recommend



We currently use Victor Dog Food for our dogs and we use and  recommend these three (in order of preference):

  1. Victor Grain Free Active Dog and Puppy Food

  2. Victor Grain Free Yukon River Canine

  3. Victor Professional for Dogs for all life stages

(Victor Professional does not contain wheat, corn or soy but has millet and sorghum so it does not say "grain free" but those are healthy grains. The percentages of these grains are low as well so we use this often.)

We sometimes order monthly from Amazon and have it delivered to our door. It is very convenient and it is the same great products from Victor.

(We are Amazon Affiliates and Amazon rewards us if you buy from them after following a link from our website. This does not increase your costs in any way. This just gives us a little blessing when you buy something we recommend.)

You can also find Victor Dog Food in fine feed stores and Farm and Ranch Stores if you search their web page and find a dealer near you. For example, we have at least three stores in Waco that carry the feed we use. Click here for their web page.

Pet Grooming Products

Grooming Force Dryer with heater  We got so tired of trying to use a hair dryer to dry our dogs after their bath so we bought one of these air dryers. It made grooming the Doodles so much easier. We highly recommend these. You would not believe how fast they dry the dog and how fluffy it makes their fur. The air is not hot enough to burn the skin of the dog or groomer. The amount of air moving does the trick and the heat just prevents the dog from getting chilled.

Grooming Table  These save your back while to do any grooming chores. It comes with gentle restraint leashes. There are two sizes.

Grooming Scissors kit  These are wonderful and with the rounded ends you don't take a chance of sticking your dog. I even use these to cut my own hair now.

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush  We love this brush on our Retrievers and Border Collie. It easily untangles the fur and then push the button to push off the fur that builds up. Doodles don't need much fur removal but they are very good to get the tangles out and fluffing up the dog's coat. They are very reasonably priced too.

Care and Maintenance

Stainless Steel Automatic Waterer  I love these. It is so much better than any I have used before. It is rugged and easy to clean. The fitting is the same as a sink supply.

Double Door Dog Crate  If you are going to train your dog to stay in a crate while you are away from home or during the night while you sleep, this is a must-have item. Multiple sizes are available.

Complete Crate Kit  with sides, covers, food and water bowl and pad. This will make your new dog feel secure in his new home.

Wall Mount Pet Door  This one goes on a wall and not a door. We have one in our nursery room for the mother dog to come in and out.

Door Mounted Pet Door  This one mounts to your door instead of wall. It does work well as a wall mount. Don't try to save money by getting this instead of the wall mount and don't try to install a wall mount on a door. Use the correct product for each type of installation.

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