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Sir Isaac Newton our 1st sire

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Our New Sire

Introducing Dooley the red Moyen Poodle
Dooley the Red Moyen Poodle

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Red Medium

(Moyen) Poodle

In response to requests from our customers, we wanted to bring you smaller puppies and hopefully dark, red ones as well.

It seems we accomplished our goals since the new litters are far darker and redder than prior litters. They seem to grow up to be less than half as large as earlier litters.


The red gene sometimes allows the red color to fade over time as the puppy ages. We will see how dominant Doolie's red gene is with these puppies. So far, they are getting redder with time. That is good news.

Doolie is about 30 lbs and much smaller than Sir Issac Newton is (90 lbs). Come back and see our pages as we document the puppies growing up.


News Flash: It appears Doolie's puppies are coming in at about 35 lbs. That is the line for mini-doodles. If this holds true, then the pups are mini-doodles and not Moyen!


We are raising a smaller, very red, curly female F1a Goldendoodle named, Patience (Patty), to begin offering Moyen Red F1b puppies once she is ready to become a mother. We will feature her on this page later.

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