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Goldendoodles from Deep in the Heart of Texas


We are Pat and Terri Chesney - the owners of Sunny and Honey- sweet beautiful Golden Retrievers and their adorable Goldendoodle daughters, Angelina and  Patty.  Our puppies come straight from the Heart of Texas – as this central Texas area where we live - is called.  We have lived 13 miles north of Waco, TX on a small 45-acre farm for the past 30 plus years where we raised our five wonderful children and a large variety of animals. Since our grown married kids have settled nearby in their own homes we decided last year to sell most of our farm keeping just a few acres surrounding our house.

We have been married for over 50 years. On the right is a photo of us at 12 years of marriage

Forgot to mention that we have THIRTEEN grandchildren now 😊  And they love to help "Socialize" the pups.

Terri-Pat-Sanger house.jpg

Why we got our Golden Retrievers

Our oldest daughter some years ago, got a Golden Retriever puppy for her son’s 6th birthday. He named his dog Pearl. When Pearl was older she was bred to a standard poodle named Sir Isaac Newton who belonged to his other grandmother. Pearl had a litter of Goldendoodle puppies. That was the first we heard about these new kind of puppies – Goldendoodles. The people who took Pearl’s puppies home wrote back about how wonderful the pups were and how they were so thrilled to have them.

We learned that Goldendoodles were popular not only because they were a sweet family dog but because they were non-shedding and non-allergenic and because they were a mix of two of the top breeds for intelligence, and family friendly dogs. This made us want to have the same kind of dog for our retirement years.

So after the sell of our farm, we invested in a Golden Retriever. The owner we bought our dog from had just moved down to Texas  from Minnesota. We named our new Golden Retriever Sunshine but call her Sunny.

With Sunny’s arrival Pat began cross fencing parts of our large two acre yard to give the dogs very large yards for their kennel areas.


He also built her a dog shed out of wood. He was quite shocked to find just the materials cost over two hundred dollars for this modest little three-sided shed. Our Golden Retriever Sunny loved it. She could lay in it and see our kitchen door as Pat built it where the open wall faced towards our house for that reason, at my request. I knew that Sunny would not use it if she could not see the door to our house.

Then one of our friends who was in the midst of a move to a new house gave us his last Golden Retriever puppy from his dogs litter when the person who had reserved the pup backed out. So little Honey age 9 weeks arrived suddenly. Sunny was eleven months old at that time and took little two month old Honey

Honey resized001.jpg

under her wing and mothered Honey as though she, Sunny, was the real mother.


Honey has a darker reddish coat than our blonder Sunny. Honey, now grown, is a little taller and has a larger build than Sunny. Both dogs are beautiful and really do glow Golden in the sunlight. They are very loving dogs, no trouble, just want to be your friend any chance they have to be around you.

We have a house with a tile kitchen floor and impermeable, washable, vinyl plank floors so our dogs are allowed in and out of our house at various times.  

JW-dog house.png

Our daughter's  husband is a great carpenter and he built a very large dog house for Pearl and two other dogs they have for their kennel, Doodles 4 You. (Pictured at right)

Since her dog, Pearl, had great Goldendoodles puppies with her mother-in-law's poodle we asked to bred our Sunny to Sir Isaac Newton too. Sir Isaac is an almond/cream and silver colored standard poodle. When his coat is cut short you can see he has splashes of silver color in spots all over his body. He is a very beautiful regal looking dog and has a great sweet personality. And he is said to live up to his name – very smart dog. He has fathered several litters of pups with Pearl and with other people’s dogs and all the pups are beautiful and their

good Isaac.JPG

owners send back glowing reports and for more of his pups. So when our dog Sunny was ready to be bred we took her to visit Sir Isaac Newton. They hit it off immediately and remained great friends over the next four days. We began to mark the calendar for some hoped for pups. 

The wooden shed Pat built was only a temporary summer shelter for our dogs. Pat decided to look for something already built he could move to our land and remodel to fit our two Golden Retriever’s needs. He found a roomy used metal storage building for a good price and had it delivered to our land.

The man who brought it also leveled it for us. Then Pat began remodeling it into two nice size rooms for Sunny and Honey with doggy doors.


Doodles4You Kennels

Our dog house being moved in

Sir Issac Newton


Fencing for runs


I helped him when I could and took pictures as the project moved forward. We then began to have one of the rainiest seasons for our area in a long time and this slowed us way down on completing our dog house in time for Sunny’s puppies birth. 

So we went to plan B and Sunny’s puppies were born in a corner of our living room in a whelping box Pat built for them after studying online plans for them. This worked out rather better for my comfort as I could take care of the puppies inside my home rather than running back and forth on cold nights to the doggy building.


It turned very cold during those first few weeks of the puppy’s life.  We kept mother dog and pups (and me) nice and warm in our living room. I spent the nights on the couch near by and made sure that Sunny was caring for the pups well. She has turned out to be a very good mother, very gentle with the puppies, never stepping on them or laying on them. Like most mother dogs, Sunny was so devoted to them she had to be persuaded to leave them for needed breaks outside. 

We raised many gardens during the years on our farm and have always tried to eat healthy and feed our animals healthy diets too. So for Sunny and Honey we feed them the best dog food we can find and add to that fresh food we cook for them.  For breakfast while she was pregnant Sunny got two eggs and bacon on top of her dry dog food. The dry dog food was made from bison as the number one ingredient and contained no grains. For Sunny and Honey’s lunch and supper we added Instant Pot cooked chicken leg quarter meat and chicken broth to the dry dog food.
Our dogs are healthy and fit with pretty coats. And their puppies are very healthy, good-looking, adorable pups.

We are excited to have these friendly sweet Golden’s for our golden years and share their pups with you. 

Next,  we  bred Red Moyen Goldendoodles by using a friend's Red Moyen Poodle, Doolie. Click here to see his page.

We are got small medium and min-Goldendoodles, and they all had red in their coats.     Success!

Next, we moved on to a beautiful Poodle sire named Boone. He is a white/red Poodle. He have us medium/mini puppies as well.


Next, we moved to using another white/red Poodle sire, named Edison. We just got two litters from him and the puppies look great. Stay tuned to the  pages listed under Available Puppies.

Whew! I hope you aren't exhausted after reading all our history. 

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