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Available Puppies

New Red Miniture/Moyen Puppies--are available now

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3/28/2024 litter

4/20/2024 litter


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Angelina and Puppies
Some of the puppies
Daddy Boone

These are extra, extra special pups for two reasons.

#1. They are from a Red and White Poodle sire named Edison. He is smaller than normal Standard Poodles. He is only 25 lbs so his offspring are small. He also has the red gene so his offspring will be red and possibly red and white. (Red is a difficult color to keep in a Poodle derived breed. It may fade or lighten over time. There is no way to control that from happening.)

#2. Our puppies are raised in our special facilities from Day One. We have a big, nice air conditioned dog room with cameras and intercoms that is ready for each new litter at birthing time. This is the nursery room in our house. We spend time with them there until the mother weans them.


This puppy nursery is right across the hall from our bedroom. We use closed circuit cameras and intercoms to monitor them. They are in our presence the entire time. We usually move them to an fenced area and a room outside our kitchen to continue their growth and acclimation to family life.

We believe that our puppies must be raised around the family so they will be integrated with family life before they are adopted into their new families. We will never change this aspect of our kennel. This makes these puppies especially easy to enter into your household. They are used to the sounds and activities of a normal home already.

After these puppies reach the active walking around stage and are potty pad trained we give them the run of our hall and living room and kitchen besides the fenced area. They love this and get to spend all day around us and they choose favorite spots in our home for their naps—rendezvousing in our living room at our feet or in our laps on the couches.

During nap times which last from two to three hours it does not look like there are any pups in our house as they love to get under things during their naps so they can rest without worrying about being trod upon by their siblings. 

Our puppies have the traditional outstanding Goldendoodle look - the fluffy soft luxurious feeling coat with a little darker colored curly haired ears. They have that bright intelligent, pleasant and adorable face. Personality wise, they are very friendly and lovable—very happy and active—very fun loving. Their favorite activity is cuddling up for some love whether that is stretched across your lap and chest looking up with pleasure at your face soaking up attention or enjoying your strokes while sitting at your feet. These are strong sturdy healthy pups brimming with vitality ready to be trained to be a part of your household.

People are writing very good reports about our puppies. See the testimonial page to see the ones we add. One exciting trend is developing with our puppies. They are natural emotional support dogs. Two are now actively filling this role and another is being trained by a professional trainer for this. It turns out that they are very empathetic. They discern the mood of the people they encounter and adjust their behavior to these people and express dog love and companionship to them.

Click on the puppy's photo to go to their detail page to learn more and see more pictures and possibly videos of that puppy.

Note: The pages are constantly being updated as they age.

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