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She is a beautiful Golden Retriever



Her coat really looks golden in the sunshine.

Sunny is one of our two female Golden Retrievers.


She is four years old and  registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and with CKC (Continental Kennel Club).


She is a slender to medium build with a long- blond, golden coat.


Sunny is a sweet-tempered, loyal dog. She has a strong mothering instinct. She very much enjoys being with us and will lay at our feet in the office or whatever room we are in. She is basically an outside dog with indoor privileges.

While having her pups we moved her into our house and into our whelping box and she enjoyed being indoors with us immensely.


She is quick to let us know what her needs are, what she is upset about and she is always ready to serve us and her puppies night and day. Her intelligence is keen. 

One day Sunny alerted us with her barking that my daughter’s dog Amber and our old border collie,  Laddy, and our other Golden Retriever, Honey,  had gotten out of our fenced yard.


Sunny did not try to go off with them instead just stayed near our door and barked until someone came to check on her. When I checked I could see two of our dogs way across the neighbors pasture heading for the road. I called them, and they came back safely. Sunny wanted back into our house because of her puppies so she did not kick up her heels at the chance for some freedom like these others.

My husband and I worked closely with Sunny during the birth of her first pups to be sure she did well and I (Terri) stayed with her during the next few days and nights sleeping on my couch nearby so I could watch closely to make sure Sunny nursed her pups safely.


Sunny has shown she is an outstandingly careful and devoted mother. We give her an A+ for safely birthing her puppies and nursing them without stepping on them or smothering them. She is very conscious of their safety. She has nursed them often enough that they are plump and happy and growing well. 

We have found that her puppies take the outstanding character of both their sire, Sir Isaac Newton or Doolie, and their sweet mother, Sunny.

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