Sparkles has a tingle of light crème highlights sparkling across his almond coat. His ears are a medium light crème color. This color - the almond body and crème ear marking makes a beautiful combination. I have seen pictures of other Goldendoodles with these markings and they are very beautiful.


Sparkles is a well filled out pup. He is a heavy sleeper and likes the far corners for his naps. He is often found off by himself still asleep when the rest have noted their mother has arrived. I then pick him up and place him in the midst of the nursing crowd and he comes alive quickly. 

Sparkles has a regal look. Like all the other pups he has been no trouble during his first four weeks.

Did I mention that the puppies, including Sparkle, have soft coats.

Sparkles was slightly injured and will have minor surgery Jan. 3

He may be for sale later

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