Happy is going to be a replacement when we retire a momma dog

Pat and I chose to keep Happy because of her reddish brown color. A friend owns a Reddish-brown medium-size male and we will breed Happy to him when she is two years old so we can have some red-colored pups to offer someday. The red color was bred into poodles starting in 1999 in Canada.

Happy was very red looking when born but has lightened up until now she is barely reddish looking. Mainly she has the beautiful light blonde-brown even colored coat. She has one paw with a tip of white and some white on her chest. Her eye lashes and eye brows are a blonder look than her coat. Happy will get a name change soon. She has a very solemn looking - very serious face. So funny how that turned out! She has curly fluff on her head and a little darker blond brown curly ears.

Happy loves to be with her siblings, if you are holding her and she hears them playing she wants down right then. Although we don’t have time to give her more attention than the other ten pups now she seems to know she is our dog already but she prefers being with the other pups and joining in the fun.


When she is old enough she will join her mother, Honey and our other Golden Retriever, Sunny in their kennel yards. Sunny is going to be busy with a litter this summer so Happy will be with her mother, Honey in a different yard.


We will be training Happy, our very first Goldendoodle puppy this summer. I will take pictures and write about all that we experience to help others going through the same thing. All our dogs get time in the house with us but spend most of their day out doors. We have two acres for them to run and play in including very large yards fenced off just for them to have a private yard leading to doggy doors into a large sectioned dog building that is air conditioned and heated. They have automatic waters and grass in their yards plus shade trees. There is always construction and other interesting things going on for them to see in our little two acre farm which was recently reduced from our original 45 acre farm.

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