Dolly has gone to a loving family and is not available

About our female pups in this litter – many have a wonderful luxurious light brown color and are knock out beautiful.

Three of the brown colored female pups – Candy, Daisy and Dolly - were born looking like triplets they were so similar but have some differences in their coats now that they have been growing up.

One of the three dark triplets. Her coat has lightened to an over-all light blond brown teddy bear color. Dolly has some white on her chest and one back paw that has a tip of white. Otherwise she is an even color over all her coat. Even her eye brows and eye lashes match her blonde-brown coat.


She has smooth hair on her head and a resulting very beautiful face. Her ears are a little bit darker curly blonde than her coat, and that contrast is always so pretty. Daisy is not as demanding of attention as her siblings. She is content to wait to be picked up and loved on rather than push herself forward. Once in your arms she lays still and enjoys the love. A good pup for a quieter household she also gets the Most Calm award.

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