Daisy has gone to a loving family and is not available

About our female pups in this litter – many have a wonderful luxurious light brown color and are knock out beautiful.

Three of the brown colored female pups – Candy, Daisy and Dolly - were born looking like triplets they were so similar but have some differences in their coats now that they have been growing up.

Daisy – medium blue collar has the top for the litter - Knock Out Beautiful Award – She has a solid - all over - medium Golden-brown teddy bear, slightly wavy, fluffy, luxurious thick coat of hair. Her soft curly ears have the same smooth even color as her coat. Her eye lashes and eye brows also are the same color Except that - on her chest she has a small white spot and on her feet she has a tiny tip of white on each foot 😊

Daisy has an adorable face with a pleasing expression. Daisy also gets the Miss Personality award. She is a lighter weight little girl but she comes up and throws herself wholeheartedly into a big welcome to you – so happy to see you. That is because she is always picked up and loved on. She is so beautiful and lively. She will be welcome into any available lap that sees her. And will steal your heart and all those who see her.

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