What is the deal with Goldendoodle coats?

Three major types of coats

Many people have asked us, "What is the deal with the different types of coats we see when we look at a litter?" The main thing to know is there are three main types of coats in the Goldendoodle. While there is a possibility of a dog not falling into the neat category of one of the three types and being a bit of a mixture of the types, the issue can be understood by looking at these types as a general rule of thumb.

Using a common sense name for each type rather than a scientific name, the types are:

  1.  Shaggy coat. This is the most common type coat when you think of a Goldendoodle. Think of an English Sheep Dog for an example.

  2. Curly coat. This looks like the Poodle side of the family. It is a rare type.

  3. Straight coat. This looks more like the Golden Retriever side of the family. It is also a rare type.

The straight coat is the most uncommon of the three because, genetically, both the male and the female must have the gene for the straight coat before their puppy will have the straight coat. To realize the beauty of this coat type requires a bit of patience when the puppy fuzz goes away because the straight coat will often look a bit awkward before the adult coat is fully revealed.

The dogs we have produced with a straight coat have become beautiful adults and their owners love them. Some folks were so happy to have a Goldendoodle that looked more like the Golden Retriever but did not have the incredible shedding problem that their mothers have. Also, they have been just as hypoallergenic as the other types of coats in our experience. No one can guarantee that any single dog will not shed nor cause allergic reactions. The Goldendoodle breed is just not plagued with these problems normally. 

Below we will show you examples of the coat types. Remember that every dog is unique and may be a mix of coat type when it is fully grown.















       Straight Coat

Regardless of which type coat your puppy has, they are all Goldendoodles at heart and fantastic companions. Our customers all love their dogs and they are so happy that they chose a Goldendoodle.

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