Candy has gone to a loving family and is not available.

About our female pups in this litter – many have a wonderful luxurious light brown color and are knock out beautiful.

Three of the brown colored female pups – Candy, Daisy and Dolly - were born looking like triplets they were so similar but have some differences in their coats now that they have been growing up. 

Candy gets one of our Knock Out Beautiful Awards. She has a solid all over medium light brown teddy-bear colored coat. Her thick wavy coat is luxurious to feel and curlier than her triplet sisters. Her soft curly ears are nearly the same color as her coat. She has a pretty face and is a light-weight female. If you surrounded her with light brown or blonde-colored curly haired teddy bears she would disappear in that crowd.


To have such a wonderful puppy would be so great! She will be a Show Stopper when she grows up. You will make friends wherever you take this beautiful sweet heart!

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