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Bio Security Questions
If you are planning a visit to our kennels, please read the following  and answer the questions 

We are very protective of the puppies at young ages. We don't normally allow anyone to be in contact with them until they are taken home. If you are planning to visit before you adopt a puppy, I need to know more about you and your situation before I can allow you to visit.

If you are planning to come and pick up your puppy, please read these questions. The same care we exercise with visitors should be exercised with your new puppy pick up also. We protected your puppy and we would like you to protect other's puppy and our kennel in the same fashion.

Please, take no offense. Most breeders handle things this way because if a disease starts in the kennel it can ruin our business, destroy both the puppies and the mothers and carry diseases to other dogs not at our kennel.

Please read these conditions for visiting Chesney Doodles Kennels. Please answer the questions. Simple understanding questions can be answered with a simple "yes". Please understand that we are protecting our puppies and mamas from invisible germs, we are not accusing anyone of being dirty or uncaring.

You can fill out the form and submit it to us before we schedule a visit or pickup.

Thank you for your understanding and for protecting Chesney Doodles Kennel by your cooperation.

Bio Security Questions
1. Do you have a dog(s) now or have had them within one year?
2. If you aswered "Yes", did the dog(s) contract any diseases
4. Did you lose a dog recently to an illness?
6. I understand that I will visit the Chesney Doodles kennel outside and allow staff to bring the puppies to me outside?
7. I understand that I will visit in a designated area shown to me by the staff.Select an option
8. I understand that I can not allow a puppy to touch the ground while I visit them.
9. I understand that I must not wear shoes to the Chesney Doodles Kennels that have been worn in a yard, and especially a dog park, where dogs have relieved themselves. The shoes must be cleaned/sterilized or I will wear new shoes not contaminated.Select an option
10. I understand that I will follow the guidelines of the staff at all times.
11. I understand that there is no public restroom facilities at the kennel because it is not a public place.
12. I understand that I will not bring anyone to the kennel without permission from the Chesney Doodles staff before arriving.
13. I understand that these are common and generic practices and is not in any way a reflection on me or anyone I bring to the kennel.

Thank you. We will get back to you.

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