All the puppies are just little angels sent to us this Christmas!  But this little female with her whiter coat than the others seems fitting to be called - Angel.  


She has a sweet face and sweet temperament. I put a light blue collar on her as that is my favorite color even though it is more a boy color. To me it is an angelic color.  Angel, like the others, has a silky soft coat of hair. Her head is a little darker Almond than her coat - which is a very light almond.  Many pups grow lighter in color as they grow up so she may look even whiter when she is older.


Angel is a talker and lets you know that she is lonely or hungry. She actually barked when she was two days old. The rest did not bark for weeks. I keep my eye on her when it is nursing time and make sure she gets enough to eat. Sometimes I bury her beneath the pups nursing where the back larger teats are so she can find the hidden teat.


If you are looking for the smaller one of the litter Angel is one of the two smaller ones.

Of the eight pups our three females at birth were a little smaller than the males. 

Angel has gone to a loving home

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