All our puppies have gone to their new homes

After the states went into lockdown from Covid-19, all puppies were purchased from

every breeder I know about. It takes some time for us to produce

new litters. More are on the way.

There is one puppy available now from my daughter's kennel.

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We are filling out our waiting list for puppies from the next two litters.

Go here and fill out the comment form if you want to get on a list

We are 16 weeks out from the next litter at least.


We had two litters of  Red Moyen (Mini and Medium) Puppies!

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January 8th Litter

Happy Little Puppies

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We are amazed at how beautiful they are.

We are pleasantly surprised to now let you know that our puppies are

Mini-Goldendoodles or just over the line to be Small Medium

We have been very happy with Doolies' Puppies

They are incredibly beautiful and sweet. They are much smaller than previous litters with Sir Issac Newton as the sire.  Newton's puppies were from 65-80 lbs and Doolie's are usually between 30-35 lbs.

We just discovered that they are Mini-doodles if they don't get over 36 lbs.

We plan on using him for a long time. There will be updates on sizes and weight as they grow. Stay tuned to this page for more information on the Medium Red Goldendoodles.

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