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You have found just the right place to get a wonderful Goldendoodle puppy!

We had a new litter on May 11th!

None are left now but we are taking reservations for the 
next litter that should be ready to go home in late Novemeber

We are making a list for late November!

All puppies are home now

Click here to go to the last litter page

New pics are up on the page

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You can reserve a puppy with a deposit

Anyone already on our waiting list must pay a deposit to reserve a puppy.

the current litter is going home now, July 7th

It is time to get on a waiting list for the next litter if you aren't ready today.

We are expecting F1 puppies to be born in early November and take home at the 

end of December right after Christmas

 2 litters of F1b puppies are expected to be born just before Christmas and 

take home around Valentine's day

The second litter of F1 puppies may be born the 1st week of January and

take home the 1st of March

Get on the list early to be kept in the loop on puppies

        More Pictures and pages will be coming constantly

              Our puppies are genetically red-moyen puppies from Honey and Doolie

      Look at the film strip below to see what they look like around 10 weeks

Many people are asking about them now.


Price is $1900. Deposit of $300 to reserve a puppy.

Go here and fill out the comment form if you want to get on a list

Please submit a Bio Security Survey before you schedule any visits to our kennel

Read here about the three different types of coats for Goldendoodles

Please go this page and download the document about caring for your new puppy.

Please read this page about medical issues before you buy a puppy.





​See more Videos Here

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Chesney Doodles Videos

Chesney Doodles Videos
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Girls in the Snow

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Reserve your puppy now!

We are amazed at how beautiful these puppies are.

We are pleasantly surprised to now let you know that our puppies are

turning out to be Mini-Goldendoodles or just over the line to be Small Medium

We have been very happy with Doolies' Puppies

They are incredibly beautiful and sweet. They are much smaller than previous litters with Sir Issac Newton as the sire.  Newton's puppies were from 65-90 lbs and Doolie's are usually between 30-45 lbs.

We just discovered that they are considered Mini-doodles if they don't get over 36 lbs.

We plan on using him for a long time. There will be updates on sizes and weight as they grow. Stay tuned to this page for more information on the Medium Red Goldendoodles.

​See more Videos Here

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Reserve your puppies today

If you have adopted one of our puppies please fill in the survey on the Contact Us Page so we can keep up with our babies