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You have found just the right place to get a wonderful Goldendoodle puppy!

News Flash for Valentine's Day!

We had 10 beautiful puppies November 3!

Take advantage of the 2023 Valentine's Day Sale!
These F1b puppies normally sell for $2500.00
Now reduced to $1100
This is an incredible bargain!
Click here to go to the litter page
No puppies left!
Mary was reserved.
This litter was mostly various shades of red, reddish brown or apricot. 
Click the link above to go to their pages with pictures.
These puppies are F1b. This means they are from a F1 mommy, Angelina, and 
a Poodle father
 named Boone.
(For those that don't know, F1 means puppies from
a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.)
F1b is more likely to be curly and more hypoallergenic because they
are closer to the Poodle. That hybrid is usually the most sought-after 
These will be fantastic Valentine's Day Gifts!

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You can reserve a puppy with a $300.00  deposit

Anyone already on our waiting list must pay a deposit to reserve a puppy.


Get on a list early to be kept in the loop on puppies

Daddy Boone

        More Pictures and pages will be coming constantly

              The new puppies are genetically red-moyen or miniture puppies from Angelina or
Patti and an adorable spotted male named Boone

      Look at the film strip below to see what the new F1b puppies look like 

We will be posting more pictures and details within days.


Price is $1100 (plus Texas Sales tax). Deposit of $300 to reserve a puppy.

Go here and fill out the comment form if you want to get on a list

Please submit a Bio Security Survey before you schedule any visits to our kennel

Read here about the three different types of coats for F1 Goldendoodles

The F1b Doodles are mostly in the curly category and they are much more likely to 

be hypoallergenic and they almost never shed.

Please go this page and download the document about caring for your new puppy.

Please read this page about medical issues before you buy a puppy.





​See more Videos Here

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Chesney Doodles Videos

Chesney Doodles Videos

Chesney Doodles Videos
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Girls in the Snow

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Reserve your puppy now!

We are amazed at how beautiful these puppies are.

We are pleasantly surprised to now let you know that our puppies are

turning out to be Mini-Goldendoodles or just over the line to be Small Medium

We have been very happy with our Doodle Puppies

They are incredibly beautiful and sweet. They are a perfect small size for most modern families.  We expect Boone's puppies to be  between 25-35 lbs. Every dog is different and how you feed them matters.

We discovered that they are considered Mini-doodles if they don't get over 36 lbs.

There will be updates on sizes and weight as they grow. Stay tuned to this page for more information on our Medium/Miniature Red Goldendoodles.

​See more Videos Here

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Reserve your puppies today

If you have adopted one of our puppies please fill in the survey on the Contact Us Page so we can keep up with our babies

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